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Rockwell Convent School(RCS)

Rockwell Convent School (RCS), Which was established in the month of July in 1997 at Noida and extended in Vasundhara, has been growing steadily. The School aims to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to the children to develop them into responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow by imparting quality education in an environment which is caring, stimulating and challenging.

The teaching staff have professional teaching credentials and many with advanced degrees and include a mix of both, Indian teachers as well as international teachers. The school invests heavily in professional development to ensure that they can deliver the best of international education while located here in Mumbai. An excellent example is École Mondiale hosting the University of Bath, Centre for the study of Education in an International Context (CEIC) for both École Mondiale teachers and other teachers in Asia with two programmes offered each year.

The school is structured into two main sections: Primary and Secondary.

Rockwell Convent School (RCS) aims to provide a congenial and healthy atmosphere for the development of each individual striving for academic excellence and complete personality development. To give focused and individual attention to each child helping him to achieve his maximum potential and bringing to best in his personality. This is done by limiting the size of the classes.


To make student aware, that a disciplined environment is conductive to successful working towards a goal and to educate student about the importance of teamwork. To inculcate in student an awareness of how to apply knowledge, skill and concept in reaching their full educational potential.

To make education a partnership between teachers, students and parents. To develop awareness of the history and tradition of the society, which helps to provide a good intellectual relationship and a commitment to democratic values.